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Search Engine Optimization

SEO search engine optimisation for small and local business dimaco web

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and in plain English, it means all the activities to rank each page of your website as higher as possible in search engine results(SERP). Search engine results page is what you see on search engine after typing the query. The page is divided in paid results (PPC) and Organic results. PPC is usually above and below organic results. Organic results are usually in the middle of the page.

Of course, there are other ways to drive traffic to your website. Social media,  Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are just a few. But, when done well, SEO can provide an important and cost-effective  strategy for organic, it means free of charge, growth.

How Does Search engine Rank Websites in Organic Search Results?

Google or another search engine will rank and show your website for free if it would meet their requirements (search engine algorithms). Search engines love trustworthy websites with specific, unique, relevant, and engaging content.

How do they know? Simple:

  1. How many people visit your website and how much they stay engaged
  2. How many other websites mention active link on your website. All the rest is technical details.

What are the types of SEO? 

There are two branches of SEO: local SEO and general SEO. Local SEO includes activities to rank higher for local and map searches, like: “service near me”, “products in New York”. General SEO, or just SEO, are the activities to appear high in general searches. 

If you are a small local business with a tiny digital budget it might be a good idea to invest mostly in local SEO and onsite SEO optimization, instead of investing in ranking for general terms. Anyway, even with a small budget, it should be a system that will bring you online success. 

For example,  you own a restaurant  “Casual Bites Restaurant” which is located in Ramsey NJ. You have good chances to appear on the first page of Google results when someone is typing the name of your business, like “casual bites restaurant” or “casual bites Ramsey”. How lucky you will depend on how many companies with similar names are online.  But probably you would like to attract potential clients who do not know your name and looking for dining options in your town, region, or state? In other words, SEO might help your business to appear on the first page of Google results when someone is typing “casual dining in Ramsey” or   “best affordable dining spot in NJ” or “top restaurant in northern urgent for family dining”. Not bad yes?

Therefore, to get better positions and rank for a decent amount of the keywords related to your industry – you need to invest in  SEO. To appear among TOP  ads result – you need to invest in PPC. 

How Does SEO Work?

SEO  is a long term strategy. Usually not less than several months of constant work needed to see the results. And SEO is not an automated process when you press the button and get the result. Mostly it is manual work with using about 3-5 analytics tools to manage and improve performance. 

All the general SEO endeavors can be divided into two groups: On-site SEO, Offsite SEO.

On-site SEO os manual work with every page to help search engines to rank in as high as possible. Search engines do not see pages, enjoy pictures, and listen to videos as human – the read code. So, to present all the data, pictures, videos, microdata in the way it can be readable and consider quality for search engine crawls is Onsite SEO assignment.

Off-site SEO is all the work to build the reputation of your website as a reliable source for search engines. To measure the scale of trust to your website from search engines SEO specialists monitor your Domain Authority and  Page Authority (authority of every page of the website) How do search engines decide if to trust a website? The algorithm is quite complicated, but to put it in plain words, search engines consider your website reliable of a lot of trustworthy websites mention (link) on your website. 

The proper structure of your website pages (internal links) is also important.   

Shady side. For the big SEO results start small. SEO is a long-lasting game. If someone promises to skyrocket your website in organic search overnight or in a week – it is a scam. No exceptions.  Search engine algorithms are becoming so sophisticated that it is almost impossible to cheat. To succeed you need quality “white hat” SEO optimization, consistency in your SEO endeavors, a  website with good user experience UX and interesting updated SEO content. 

What should specialists do to improve the SEO position of your webpages?

  • Proper linking of  your website to Analytics and Developers tools to track your performance and let Search Engines crawls see your pages online(for example, Google Analytics, Google Developer Tool, Search Console)
  • Make the research of the valuable and achievable keywords in your industry
  • Make a research of your close competitors’ environment to decide how to make your SEO strategy more effective
  • Set up properly On-Page SEO attributes for every page of the website
  • Create backlinks (internal and external)
  • Create engaging and SEO optimized content
  • Monitor your performance, make changes, add links, correct results

Do not neglect a chance to appear in search results organically for free. Remember the rule of thumb. In order to be successful with SEO, you need to be engaging to humans and comply with the SEO recommendations for search engine robots, who would rank your website. Please, remember, One website page – one SEO keyword ranking. So, if you would like to be ranked for example for “yellow pencils”, “cheap pencil for sale”. You have a big chance to rank separate pages for these two queries. 

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